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Breaking the Sky _ Sky Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel (28th Nov 22 at 2:38am UTC)
As for Xiao Yan's noncommittal behavior, the Lord of the Hall of Soul nodded slowly, and a touch of dignity finally appeared in his eyes. He said, "The fallen Xiao clan can still have such characters as you. If you want to say achievements, you are comparable to Xiao Xuan. But if my soul clan can make the first Xiao Xuan fall, it can also make the second Xiao Xuan fall." Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes were dark, and there was a chill in his eyes. In today's battle, you have only one chance in the Tianfu Alliance. If you lose, you will be beyond redemption. Xiao Yan, do you dare to take it? The Lord of the Hall of Soul looked at Xiao Yan indifferently, and his voice, like the sound of thousands of bells, swept away from Xiao Yan with a terrible impact on his soul. As soon as Xiao Yan stepped forward, his whole body was full of mellow breath. The fierce soul impact of the Lord of the Soul Hall, like a tide, failed to make him step back. He raised his face and said lightly. Pick up. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 1508 Soul Qianmo. "Connect" When Xiao Yan blurted out that word, the eyes of the Lord of the Hall of Soul were also full of brilliance. Although he had not opened his mouth, everyone could feel the atmosphere that suddenly became depressed between heaven and earth. The storm is coming! "It's time to end all these years of resentment." After years of waiting, finally came to this step, but Xiao Yan's state of mind, but is more and more calm, he was just a struggle in the Gama Empire, will defeat Yunlan Zong as the ultimate goal of the little boy, but the soul of the temple, catch his father, destroy his family, almost break the Xiao family blood, this hatred, has been implacable, from then on, Still some young heart is to understand that the future of the road, must be Kanke, but in the end, he is still duty-bound to move forward, because some things, even in the face of difficult difficulties, can not be cut, Xiao Yan can come to this step today, from a certain aspect, the soul temple, contributed, they gave Xiao clip the most urgent power.. "Hey hey, really good boldness," beside the Lord of the Hall of Soul, the old soul demon looked at Xiao Yan with a cold face and said with a strange smile. Xiao Yan glanced at him lightly. He immediately looked at the Lord of the Hall of Soul and said, "I don't know what you want to do in this way." "Two victories in three battles, three from each, and a fight to the death." The Lord of the Hall of Soul said in a deep voice: "Of course, if you want the Hall of Soul to fight with all the people in the Tianfu Alliance, this Hall will not object to my Hall of Soul standing in Zhongzhou for so many years. If you really think that you can casually draw together some forces to form an alliance, then it is really a bit naive." "With the support of the soul clan, inflatable floating water park , you are really confident to say that." Xiao Yan shook his head with a laugh and immediately said, "If we really want to start a large-scale war, even if our Tianfu Alliance is really destroyed, your Soul Temple will surely be hit hard. It seems that the Soul Clan is reluctant to give up this loss.." This kind of decisive battle way, is obviously the soul temple does not want a large area of complete war, so the battle level on the top, they here battlefield, although the scale will not be too big but the influence, but is no less than that kind of large area of war, after all, they all represent their respective camps, if lost, no matter what to mention in the future, is to be weak on the other side. You can choose between the two. The Lord of the Hall of Souls said lightly. Two out of three. Adult beauty is a good virtue. Xiao Yan smiled and opened his mouth and said that the soul clan was reluctant to let the soul temple lose ten, and he was also reluctant to lose the whole Tianfu alliance completely. This was his capital to fight against the soul clan. He had worked so hard for so many years to achieve this achievement. How could he explain it so easily. Although the words of the Lord of the Hall of Soul are not pleasant to hear, it is also true that the present Tianfu Alliance is able to compete with the Hall of Soul, but if you really want to completely destroy it, then the alliance will inevitably be badly hit, or even, perhaps it will be a situation of perishing together. Compared with this outcome, the high-level contest of two wins in three games is obviously more appropriate. It seems that you can't afford the loss of a complete war. Hearing this, the Lord of the Hall of Souls raised his eyebrows and said meaningfully. Let the people who fight come out, "Xiao Yan said with a faint smile.".
"Hey hey, over the years, the biggest provocation my soul clan has received is this." The old soul demon smiled sullenly and immediately took a step slowly: "The younger generation of the Xiao clan, count me among the three." Accompanied by the step of the old man of the soul demon, all those who have a keen sense of perception can find that this huge mountain suddenly trembles gently, and a dark force like an angry dragon comes out from the soles of the old man's feet, "frantically breaking through the rubble in the mountain, and then roaring away at Xiao Yan." Bang! However, just as the dark dragon was about to break out of the ground, behind Xiao Yan, a figure also stepped out one step. "That step was just stepping on the place where the dark strength was used. At that moment, the hard ground was sinking half a foot, and the dark strength was shattered by the figure." Soul clan, is still so can not see the light, "Xiao Chen looked at the old man with an expressionless face, slowly way." Blood Axe Xiao Chen The old man's face was cold, and his eyes were staring at Xiao Chen like a poisonous snake, word by word. The name of the patriarch, you such mole ants, are not qualified to mention! Xiao Chen is like a fierce wolf who slowly wakes up, with a faint intention to kill, and a trace of penetration from his body. The Lord of the Soul Temple and the old man of the Soul Demon frowned slightly, but in his heart he dared not underestimate Xiao Chen at all, especially the former. In the space of the Demon Fire, his fight with Xiao Chen almost fell behind, and he looked quite embarrassed. Now that we meet again, our hearts are naturally extremely afraid. Ha ha, worthy of the blood axe Xiao Chen, so many years no see, is still so fierce, Xiao Xuan fame is big, "but in the end it is inevitable to fall a way, you Xiao clan is doomed to be just a flash in the pan." Between the soul temple string and the soul demon old man frowning, beside them,inflatable water slide, an old figure pulling a crutch, but like a ghost, slowly appeared in the gaze without warning.
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