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Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu (28th Nov 22 at 2:38am UTC)
Tie Shan took the dog to stay at Yun Jie's house last night. Yun Jie's former man, Captain Gu, was already very regular: he was on duty in Jiujiang City five days a week, and spent the remaining two days in the iron caltrop. Yun Jie refused to see him, so he could only stay outside the city gate with two babies and a dog for half a day. In view of the fact that he was a confidant of the new leader, Supervisor Li, this kind of behavior was not stopped. Grandfather analyzed that Supervisor Li knew that the strength of Jiujiang City after the fire was damaged, which was a disguised gesture of goodwill, so he did not speak. Tie Shan, who had no good impression of Captain Gu, urged Yun Jie to make a clean break with his predecessor: there are many talented young people in Tie Li and Stone City who admire Yun Jie. Unfortunately, Yun Jie said that she didn't want to get married any more, which made Xiao Tieshan very anxious. Sister Yun's eldest daughter, a clever little girl, stared at Tieshan with tears in her eyes. "Don't speak ill of my father!" She also took the little yellow dog away, so angry that Tieshan, who was not a few years older than her, was helpless. At night, Tieshan first dreamed of Bai Han, a girl from five hundred years later with a majestic patron saint, who solemnly said to her: More precious than gold, more precious than rain, more precious than the mountain of light.. Belongs to the gods With incomparable power.. Tie Shan I'm sure they have a use I haven't found yet ~ Then Tieshan smelled blood,Inflatable bouncer, her heart was pounding, and her stomach hurt like a knife was cutting. Then she woke up with a loud cry, and even the little yellow dog in the next room barked loudly, waking up the mother and son. Yun Jie, who hurriedly settled her children, pushed open the door of the room, and Tieshan, who was sitting in a pool of dark red blood, was already scared to cry. "Am I going to die?" Yun Jie comforted her by touching her black hair,inflatable castle with slide, "Xiaoshan, you are almost fourteen years old, a big girl." I'm a big girl. Moments later, Tieshan, who had tidied up her clothes and sheets, endured the pain of menarche and lay in bed tossing and turning. It was quiet again next door, but she didn't fall asleep until dawn. Then, Shi Fan, I, I saw Pegasus, the heavenly horse, in the lake. Last night's dream was really incredible, and Tieshan had to wave her hands to show that what she said was true. Shi Fan tried to express his belief: "What happened later?" Tieshan shook her head in disappointment. Then it spread its wings and hovered in front of me, then landed on the ground and ran around the lake, and then the waves of the lake rose higher than the city. Then at daybreak, Sister Yun woke me up. This time it was Shi Fan's turn to be disappointed. Xiaoshan, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, you just had a dream. You thought about it every day and dreamed about it every night. You thought about the story Bai Han told you every day, so you dreamed about Tianma. It's normal. "It wasn't a dream, really. I dreamed it, but it was too real." Tieshan tried to find a description and said in a firm tone, "I have only seen the portrait of Tianma in the book, which is totally different from what I dreamed last night." Shi Fan shrugged his shoulders and began to eat bread. "Well, change your clothes." Tieshan was enraged by this sentence, and did not want to pick up the leather bag backpack and run to the shore, pulling up a torch on the way. Shi Fan stuffed the bread into his mouth and hurried after him, almost choking. A few minutes later, the two men boarded a wooden boat and rowed toward the middle of the lake. Shi Fan rowed as a coolie and said, "What are you going to do?" "The center of the lake." Tieshan shone the bright flashlight she got from Bai Han on the lake in front of her. "Last night I dreamed that Tianma came out of the spring." "You want to bring it out?" Shi Fan was so whimsical that he immediately felt it was quite difficult: "Bo Winter is the God of the sea, Medusa is the sacrifice of Athena and can turn people into stone, Pegasus is their son, and was named Pegasus by Zeus.". It's just a spring, and it's polluted. Tieshan, standing quietly at the bow of the boat, kept silent. Like a sharp arrow, the wooden boat broke through the heavy haze and rushed straight into the middle of the lake, leaving ripples on the dark surface of the lake. Ahead was the spring, where black bubbles the size of a table were bubbling. Shi Fan had heard his grandfather say that there was a long and narrow gap below that reached the bottom of the lake. When the lake was clear, people often dived below to see how deep it was, but they were always washed up by the rising water. After rowing for a long time, I was a little tired. Shi Fan put the wooden oar in the cabin and lay down to rest. "Don't fall down," he told me.
” As if she had made up her mind, Tieshan turned her backpack upside down, and a lot of things immediately covered the cabin. She opened the leather bag to check that the feathers and pebbles were all there. Then she tied the bag and put it in her backpack. Tieshan picked up the whole corolla and armband carved from gold, as well as the flagon container inlaid with diamonds. Shi Fan, who was shocked by these actions, held her arm hurriedly: "Xiaoshan, what are you doing?" "I told you I'd dedicate them to Tenma." Tieshan pointed stubbornly to the spring. "The feather stone is too light to sink to the bottom of the lake, and it's not enough, so add these." She unsheathed the dagger from her waist, the blade shining like autumn water in the moonlight and the bow fire, and then put the dagger into her backpack. You're crazy. Shi Fan was shocked. "It doesn't belong to you. It represents the inheritance of the Tribulus tribe. You have given the mountain of light to Bai Han. This dagger must be passed to the next patriarch." Tieshan shook her head. Shi Fan, I don't know how to explain it to you. In my dream last night, I only dreamed about Tianma, but I knew that if I wanted it to help me, if I wanted the lake to be as clear as before, I had to offer the most precious thing. These are my most precious things, and I want to try them. I know you don't believe it, but I'm not lying to you, really. The stone sail was shaken by the girl's pleading eyes, and his lips trembled: "That is the feather and stone of Pegasus, the God in the myth, if, if you fail, there is no effect at all.." "I don't know." Tieshan bit her lip. "I only know I have to try. If the spring can be restored to its former appearance, everyone will have water.". My father has been locked up in a dungeon for seven years without an arm. My grandfather is almost seventy years old. My brother is not as tall as me. I don't want them to put on battle armor and take up shields and step on the battlefield. "And you, Shi Fan, I don't want you to carry a bow and arrow,inflatable bounce house with slide, pick up a long knife and follow your grandfather to the front of the team, just to rob the spring outside Jiujiang City." Tieshan thought, maybe you will die.
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