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Upgrade Expert _ 202002 15155554. (28th Nov 22 at 2:37am UTC)
"I'll help you!" "I'll come too!" The other two dragons saw that there were nine golden guards on the golden compass and immediately came to help Hua Yun. With the addition of two dragons, the energy of the Golden Compass is restored twice as fast. After the energy of the Golden Compass was restored to a quarter, Huayun immediately opened three times. The gold guard is released. The mouth of the peak was once again propped open by three golden guards. With the help of the ability of the gold guard, Hua Yun took the spirit dragon and the running thunder, and two other dragons scurried into the cave. The two dragons were in a good mood for the rest of their lives. Real dragon! Thank you The three-winged dragon thanked Huayun sincerely. Without you, I'm afraid we'd all be dead here. I owe you a favor. If there's anything I can do for you. You can mention it. The scorpion dragonite patted his chest. Salako owes you one as well. The three pterosaurs also stood up. You're welcome! You helped me, didn't you? "Oh!" The two dragons looked at each other and smiled. Our team has been destroyed. This tomb of the Dragon God is full of dangers. For the sake of safety, why don't we go together? The Scorpion Dragon suggested. I agree The three real dragons, Salako,Inflatable indoor park, nodded. Real dragon! What do you think, Ling Long? The Scorpion Dragon turned his head and looked at Hua Yun and others. It's good to have more of the same race, and we can take care of each other. Hua Yun has no reason to refuse. Sarako and Leet can survive among the dragons! In addition to strength, all kinds of abilities are top-notch. Both dragons have the strength of the middle commander. There's no harm in walking with them. The most important thing is that Huayun let Linglong investigate the two dragons. A dragon with poor character can be seen at a glance. Linglong did not express any views on the two dragons,Inflatable outdoor park, which shows that the two dragons can still be trusted, at least when the peer's companion did not ask too much, "boss!"! Be sure to kill the damn Tyrannosaurus Harangqiu of the net. Ben Lei is still angry. If it wasn't for the Tyrannosaurus Harangqiu, Hua Yun wouldn't have lost three gold guards. The Golden Compass is never complete without its three Golden Guards. The other three gold guards that blocked the lava are still recovering. I don't know when I'll be able to recover. However, it can not be used in a short time. It won't get away! Hua Yun nodded his head lightly. Real dragon! We'll help you catch the Tyrannosaurus Harunchok. Salako and Leite also suffered from Harangqiu and were almost destroyed by the rain of fire. Naturally, they will not let go of the Tyrannosaurus Harangqiu. With the help of Salako and Leet, it will be much easier to kill the Tyrannosaurus Harancho. After resting for a while and waiting for the energy to recover, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, Hua Yun took the dragons and continued to head for the depths. The cave of the peak leads all the way to the bottom, and after entering the depths of the cave, Huayun discovers that the original location of himself and others is only the first floor of the Dragon God Cemetery. The net stepped into the second layer, and the strong smell of blood immediately came to my nostrils. A lot of pillars, only to see the spacious plain, full of a huge stone pillars. Each stone pillar is engraved with dragon characters. Tomb of the pterosaur Scola! He died in the third year of the Dragon God calendar. "The Tomb of the Multi-clawed Dragon Forcing Tru!"! He died in the 56th year of Xialong Shenli. Looking at the words on the stone pillars, Hua Yun and others immediately understood that these stone pillars were originally tombstones. Salako suddenly pointed forward and shouted to Hua Yun and Ben Lei: "Look!"! There is a strange tombstone here! Hua Yun immediately walked over and looked along the tombstone that Salako was pointing to. It was really strange. Not only is the tombstone new, but the dragon characters are also from the net seal. Black Curtain Dragon Awabri? Avabri? Didn't it just join Dimas's team. Little Leiter looked at Salako in surprise. Salako nodded and said, That's right! Avabri also participated in the Dragon God Celebration this time, and Dimas's team entered the Green Light Gate before us. It's strange that even if Awabri had died, he would not have moved here to erect the tombstone in such a short time. Who is it? What about the tombstone erected for Avabri? Chapter 553 second-class hybrid dragon. Gan Yun also felt confused and looked at Ling Long.
The spirit dragon shook his head, and although he had entered the tomb of the Dragon God many times, it was the first time he had seen such a tombstone. Not only the tombstone, but also the fire ghost dragon has undergone drastic changes. Ten thousand years ago, the fire ghost dragon was powerful, but it was not as terrible as it is today. And. After each celebration of the Dragon Clan, there will be a change in the tomb of the Dragon God. Even though Linglong has entered the Dragon God Cemetery many times, he can't predict what will happen to the Dragon God Cemetery next time. At this time! The sound of heavy footsteps came, and a dragon with sharp claws jumped out of a hole on the left. Then, other dragons jumped out of the cave, and finally, six dragons jumped out of the cave. None of the six dragons are intact. There are more or less injuries on each head. One of the most serious was the last gold spotted dragon, one of whose forelimbs was crushed by something, and its thighs were covered with terrible deep bone abrasions,Inflatable dry slide, and blood was dripping constantly. It's like falling into the mouth of some giant beast and being lucky enough to escape. The scorpion Lyte and the pterodactyl Salako glanced at the six-headed dragon and then ignored them. The six-headed dragon gave Huayun a rather strange impression. It seems that the celebration of the Dragon God has not passed, which makes Huayun feel quite strange that the six-headed dragon has reached a low level of command in addition to the strength of the previous Claw Dragon. The rest are only the peak of God control. "Not all dragons are eligible to participate in the celebration. These are second-class hybrid dragons. All second-class hybrid dragons are arranged to compete in the back. Only the winner has the chance to enter the Dragon God's Tomb," explained Linglong. "It's a second-class hybrid dragon. No wonder!" Hua Yun nodded with relief.
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