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Hades Marriage Date: Fierce Ghost Husband, don't C (28th Nov 22 at 2:36am UTC)
I pretended not to hear Liu Wenting on the phone and nodded carelessly. It doesn't matter. There will be many opportunities in the future. Don't be in a hurry. Brother, I will participate in the test of the family in two days, and when I pass the test, we will talk slowly. After greeting Liu Wenting, I went back to my room, but my heart was a little confused. Originally, I just wanted to go back to Liu's house and find Grandpa to calculate the location of my other two souls, but I didn't expect that I would meet an old man who was so surly that he didn't understand human feelings at all. I was forced to change this way and go back to Liu's house. When the time came, I would look for the location of my two souls openly. Who would have thought that not only would there be a lot of family members, but now there would be a fiance. If it's a stranger, just refuse directly, but it's Dongfang Ling, how can I face him! Patting my face, I refused to think about such a headache, and continued to study the practice method given to me by Grandpa. One more point of strength, one more point of grasp. Miss Moon, this is what Liu Wenting asked me to give you. He said it would help you in your test. The night wind took a notebook to me, I nodded and took it, and then opened it. What a brother! I couldn't help sighing, so I got into my notes and tried to absorb the main points of Liu Wenting's smuggling for me, as well as the techniques that might be used. I have to say, I'm really a talented monster hunter. But for more than a day, I looked through the notebook that Liu Wenting gave me, and focused on learning a few techniques that I thought might be useful. According to Grandma, I am already one of the most powerful geniuses in the Liu family at this speed. I am not proud,316ti stainless steel, but in my heart, I know more about the Liu family. Three days passed in a twinkling of an eye. Early in the morning, Liu Qingying came to the place where I lived and expressed her sisterhood to me. By the way, she informed me that she would go to the main hall to prepare for the test. I looked at Liu Qingying and couldn't help but want to complain. Is it true that no one can see such a white lotus scheming bitch? She even became the best new generation of the Liu family, a good student and apprentice who was rigorous and serious in the eyes of the old people, and a goddess in the eyes of young men in the Liu family. Tut, what a bad taste! I complained in my heart, but my face did not show it. I tidied up and followed Liu Qingying to the hall. There were many people sitting or standing inside and outside the hall, and everyone's eyes fell on me. I guess I heard about the test. Yueyue,x60 line pipe, don't be nervous. The test is not a problem. I believe you will be able to pass it smoothly. When you finish the test, I will take you to have a good time and relax. Liu Wenting followed me and whispered. His performance, so that the front of Liu Qingying quite dissatisfied, she turned her head, Jiao Chen looked at Liu Wenting. Brother, you have not taken me out to play, Qianyue cousin just came back, you are so eager to court, where do you put my own sister? The facial expression is very angry, the tone is very aggrieved, matches the watery eye light, I see still pity! I clearly saw the young people of the Liu family next to me looking at me, and they had become somewhat dissatisfied. Tut, this younger generation of goddesses is really a crowd of supporters! My eyes flashed, my face showed a sweet smile, and I turned to look at Liu Wenting with a pure and lovely smile. Brother, thank you so much. I just came back. I'm not familiar with people and places. Even if I want to go out and get familiar with the family, x70 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, I don't know where to start. Brother, you are so loved by brother and sister. Tut, who can't pretend to be a white lotus flower! In front, Liu Qingying looked back at me, a meaningful smile on his face, did not say anything, turned and continued to walk forward. To the hall, there are many people, there are some familiar faces, but for me, it is still strange. After all, I am not a member of the Liu family, and even if I have the blood of the Liu family, I will not be recognized by them for the time being. Fortunately, I am not a glass heart, otherwise, maybe what kind of sadness. Walking to the middle of the hall, I looked at Liu Fengming, who had a dignified face above, with a salute on his chest. Master Liu! Still polite but unfamiliar call, to Liu Fengming, I really can not give birth to any positive emotions, even the basic respect for the elderly are not. Liu Fengming was not as angry as he had been twice before, but waved to Liu Qingfeng next to him.
I have clarified the relationship between them in the past two days. Dad and Liu Qingfeng are brothers. They are both Liu Fengming's sons. Liu Wenting and Liu Qingying are Liu Qingfeng's sons. I want to call Liu Qingfeng uncle, Liu Wenting and Liu Qingying cousin and cousin. However, in addition to Liu Wenting, I sincerely call a brother, other people, I really do not like. Anyway, I'm not a member of the Liu family now, and even if I'm called impolite, I'll admit it. Qianyue, our Liu family is a family of demon hunters that has been passed down for thousands of years. From generation to generation, it is our duty to eliminate demons and subdue demons. We will eradicate all evil spirits and demons that endanger human peace without mercy. As the son of the Liu family, you should also have the just heart to punish evil and have the ability to match it, do you understand? I looked at Liu Qingfeng and nodded cautiously. Although these words sound a little high-sounding, I believe that the family that has been inherited for thousands of years must have his insistence, even if I have no good feelings for Liu Fengming, but I will not deny the inheritance and persistence accumulated by the Liu family for thousands of years. Since ancient times, there have been great chivalrous men who serve the country and the people. There may be selfish people in the Liu family, but for thousands of years, most people must be adhering to the chivalrous heart, so it can be passed down to this day. I don't understand their beliefs, but I am willing to praise them. What's more, I know clearly that this will also be my father's insistence and belief. For the sake of my father, I am willing to accept the test of the Liu family. Looking firmly at Liu Fengming, I straightened my back and my tone was clangorous. I, Liu Qianyue, the daughter of Liu Qingtian, even if I have not lived in the family, I am willing to follow the family's insistence, uphold the chivalrous heart, and kill demons. This is my father's will, I will abide by,uns s32750 sheet, inherit and carry forward! At this moment, I am not for myself, but for my father. A man of indomitable spirit! <! over> Chapter 168 debate ghosts. <! go>。
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