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Genius Learning System _ 202002 15155549. (28th Nov 22 at 2:27am UTC)
This group of young people who entered with Chen Yang were also blessed. Although Chen Yang squeezed out a quota to enter the Ziyun Secret Realm, Chen Yang used the next day or so to refine a large number of "Wan Jie Dan" and "Bu Chen Dan", and then distributed them to these young people. The former can be detoxified, because Chen Yang has heard the dragon family Lao Zu said before the situation of Ziyun secret world, in addition to countless powerful magic objects, the most terrible is all kinds of strange poison, you do not even know what is going on, is already poisoned unconscious. Poison is also the most difficult to resist the crisis of the dragon family, magic objects you can fight, even if you can not run, but after some strange poison, basically can only wait for death in situ, lucky to be able to be brought out by companions, but many times even after being brought out of the secret world of Ziyun, can only be slowly consumed by toxins. The poison in the secret world of Ziyun is really too powerful. With "Wan Jie Dan", the danger of these young people in the secret world of Ziyun will be greatly reduced,face recognition identification, and the "Dust Avoidance Dan" is also a very good thing. In the secret world of Ziyun, we are often faced with poisonous gases, poisonous fog and so on. The greatest effect of this "Dust Avoidance Dan" is to resist the poison of gases. It can effectively prevent these poisonous gases from entering the human body. It can play a very good shielding role. The appearance of these two kinds of Dan also greatly improves the safety factor of these young people in the dragon family. Chen Yang also prepared a large number of "Hui Qi San" and "Hui Shen San" for the younger generation of the Dragon Family. Chen Yang now completely ignores these low-level goods. After all, Chen Yang is also an elder, although the big guys are about the same age, it should be said that these young people are basically younger than Chen Yang,smart interactive whiteboard, Chen Yang has to give these "younger generation" some gifts. Long Tian Lao Zu was gratified to see that Chen Yang had prepared so many elixirs for the younger generation of the dragon family, which could effectively reduce the casualties of the dragon family in the secret world of Ziyun. Maybe this time these younger generations can not only get hard experience, but also save their lives very well, which is a happy thing for the less prosperous dragon family. Long Tian Lao Zu calculated the time, the time to open the secret world of Ziyun was almost coming, so he sent a message to all the people present to get ready. Then Longtian Laozu took out some special tools from his space ring, found several organs, put them in, and after a while, a large transport array appeared in front of everyone. Several of these younger generations had been in the Ziyun Secret Realm, so they were not surprised by the scenes in front of them. However, touch screen kiosk ,face recognition identification kiosk, for Chen Yang, who had seen such a magical scene for the first time, the sudden appearance of such a transport array full of primitive flavor on the ground was much more shocking than those of the Nine Wonders of the World. Long Tian Lao Zu told everyone to enter the transport array, and then took out a token of things, and told everyone to close their eyes, hold their breath, Chen Yang and others naturally did as they were told. After three breaths, Chen Yang felt a violent vibration around him, as if even the air was shaking. Chen Yang tried to concentrate and keep his body balanced. And although Chen Yang has closed his eyes, he can still feel some very strong light around him, with a trace of burning sensation. After ten breaths, all the vibrations tended to calm down, and then Chen Yang smelled some grass and flowers. When he opened his eyes, Chen Yang found himself in a world of lush vegetation, like the primeval forest, lush and green, a whole green ocean.
Chen Yang couldn't help asking, "Is this the secret world of Ziyun?"? It's so beautiful. The air is so fresh. Long Tian Lao Zu smiled and said, "Oh, the air here is naturally much better. Although most of the places in the Ziyun Secret Realm are magic gas, there are also some places full of Reiki. For example, the place where we are now is a place where Reiki is abundant. What we inhale here can not be called air, but should be called Reiki.". This position is not only hidden, but also absolutely safe. The ancestors of the previous generation of our dragon family only arranged a few formations to keep those dangers out. There are some invisible formations around us. This is also a protective move for the transport array of our dragon family. Chen Yang tentatively took a few steps towards the outside, feeling that he was withstood by something. Chen Yang found that no matter how hard he tried, he could not take another step forward. There seemed to be an invisible barrier in the air that hindered Chen Yang's progress. Chen Yang said in surprise: "Lao Zu, is this the effect of those protective formations? You can feel it, but it seems that you can't see anything. It's really amazing." Long Tian Lao Zu said with a smile, "Yes, the previous generation of Long Yin Lao Zu was a pedant of heaven and man. He not only had excellent skills, but also studied the formation method intensively.". It was also by chance that he entered the Ziyun Secret Realm, and was lucky to get the order to move to the Ziyun Secret Realm, and then broke through to the Osmosis Period in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm. Then, according to years of research, he arranged the round-trip transmission array connected with the Dragon God Island, and established such a big family on the Dragon God Island. Become one of the top forces in the realm of cultivation. However, as the aura on the earth is getting thinner and thinner,interactive kiosk price, the cultivation of the dragon family is getting worse from generation to generation. At the end, Long Tian Lao Zu also sent out a sigh. Chen Yang was very curious about the "OBE period" mentioned by Lao Zu, so he asked Long Tian Lao Zu: "What is the" OBE period "? Is it the realm after the golden elixir period? Do you go to the Ziyun Secret Realm this time in order to break through to the '? "Of the OBE period? 。
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