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Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise (28th Nov 22 at 2:27am UTC)
After all, the Byzantine Empire has been established for hundreds of years, the royal family is still in power, the idea of respecting the emperor and being loyal to the country has been deeply rooted in the hearts of these emperors, now suddenly heard the cry of the prime minister, everyone's heart is inevitably a weak momentum! Salumbonelli breathed a sigh of relief at the sudden halt of the tumultuous army. The most dangerous time has passed. In the heart of the old prime minister, in fact, don't worry about Adric really will rebel, from beginning to end, he is deeply aware of Adric's personality, with this upright and loyal man's temperament, rebellion is absolutely he can't do it, today's chaos, I'm afraid is also forced to be anxious, to force the emperor to submit. However, the old prime minister understood that Adric was certainly not rebellious, but it was hard for others to say! Perhaps Adric's subordinates, those vulgar generals in the army, inevitably there is no careerist existence, then no one has the dream of the founding fathers. Fear is afraid of these chaotic army come in, in the chaos of the situation, a random killing, first hurt your majesty, caused the fact, when the time comes even if Adric regret is useless. Especially Well, especially that Ruhr! The prime minister looked at the crowd of disorderly troops below and felt a little calm. Knowing that he was more than 80% sure of what had happened today, he shouted coldly,outdoor digital signage displays, "You have offended Your Majesty and trespassed into the imperial city. Your Majesty realized that you were also dedicated to the country, so you did this disorderly act!"! Didn't you ask to see His Majesty's petition! Now your majesty is here, if you are really loyal soldiers dedicated to the country, you should salute! You and I are both subjects of Byzantium, and we have received the grace of the nation! The Central Army has always been an iron wall to defend the empire! If you really have the heart to rebel, I, Salumbonelli, am here! Kill me first, and then do the treachery! The old prime minister's voice was like iron, and he had a righteous spirit. These rebels were shocked one after another. For a time,temperature check kiosk, the scene was quiet to the extreme! Only in the imperial guards, the imperial guards generals, cold sweat has soaked through the clothes, looking at the dense chaotic military tide below, the heart is beating wildly. Finally, I heard a horn coming from outside the square, but it was the stop order in the battle array of the army! Hearing the sound of the bugle, many officers in the chaotic army were relieved. Although they are loyal to Adric, willing to do this thing, but after all is not really rebellion, to them now rushed up to the emperor of the empire really random knife to death this matter, if no one takes the lead, I am afraid that few people really have the courage to do. With the sound of the bugle, a horse galloped outside the gate. The black horse, Golden Armor, and Adric rushed in with his followers. He rushed into the square and shouted at the top of his voice, "The Central Army listens to orders!"! All ranks back fifty paces! Don't give orders, don't take a step forward! He shouted the words to both sides in one breath, and the troops below immediately retreated like the tide. Adric rode forward and came to the bottom of the hall. He turned over and got off his horse. He knelt down on one knee and shouted at the top of the steps: "Adric, face detection android ,digital signage screen, Minister of Imperial Affairs, please see His Majesty the Emperor of the Empire!" Seeing Adric finally appear, Garcia's look is more and more ugly, at this moment, although he stood on the steps, looking down at the general of the empire, but suddenly gave birth to a subtle feeling in his heart: the other side is still the chair army, and he is still the emperor, but the status of both sides, has been completely reversed! And the man kneeling at the foot of the steps, as long as he says a word, can decide his own life and death! The heart is confused, next to Salumbonelli has gently pulled Garcia's clothes corner, Garcia's face is complex, then slowly opened his mouth, but the voice is hoarse, there is no momentum to speak of.
"Adric, if you have anything to say, just say it!" When Garcia said this, he could hardly stand, but he had to lean on the old prime minister next to him! "Your Majesty, please stay away from treachery and accept loyal advice." 'Your Majesty, I ask you to stop being a rebellious minister and take back your life! ' 'Your Majesty, please make great efforts to bring order out of chaos! ' I ask your majesty, set up the emperor's bosom, do not call loyal ministers alienated, do not call righteous men centrifugal! "Your Majesty, please." “…“ ” Adric was kneeling at the foot of the steps, and the array of guards on the steps was over his head, and the tips of the guards' guns were only a few steps away from him! But Adric said with a sigh, a noble righteousness all over the body! Word by word, sentence by sentence, word by word, like the sound of gold and iron, spread all over the audience! Every time Adric said a word, Garcia's face twitched. At the end, Garcia was so angry that he dared not open his mouth to reprimand him. He just stood reluctantly under the comfort of the prime minister. Finally, when Adric finished, the great man at the foot of the steps stood up. Although he stood at the foot of the steps, his figure seemed to have already overshadowed the imperial supreme standing on the steps! "Adri.." Adric.. Only then did Garcia open his mouth, but he was choked by the cold wind. He coughed several times and then said sadly, "You say one thing at a time. It seems that you have long been resentful of me, the emperor." 'I Dare not! ' Adric stood proudly, but his eyes gazed at Garcia: 'I just plead for the country, for thousands of people, thousands of soldiers!' 'no.. '. Good, good one dare not. Garcia's heart was bleeding, and he felt a rush of anger over his head. Fortunately, the prime minister next to him, Salumboni, grabbed his hand with force and pinched it hard. Then Garcia exhaled and calmed down. At this moment, the emperor's face was like earth, without expression, and even his eyes were like ashes, and no one knew what he was thinking at the moment. For a long time, I felt the cold wind blowing in my heart, and Garcia finally opened his mouth again. His voice was still so cold and weak. Adric, you wait for the soldiers to ask, I already know, well,temperature scanning kiosks, prime minister's adult, give orders for me! When Garcia finished the last few words, his body shook and he almost couldn't stand.
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