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Fly up again (28th Nov 22 at 2:24am UTC)
And Cheng Haofeng for Lu Xuan they choose the starting point, in the second castle. According to the news from Cheng Haofeng, the "starting point" to enter the secret base of the black page is constantly adjusted. Today it's San Marino, maybe tomorrow it's Paris, and the "starting point" is just a symbol for the whole "Black Page Secret Base". Because after leaving the "starting point", the unconscious "black page entrant" does not know how many times to change the means of transportation, so the final arrival of the "black page base" has always maintained the most mysterious veil. Not far away is the sea, at the foot of the towering green hills and a large medieval style buildings. In this picturesque place, waiting for Lu Xuan and his party, but are uneasy. Because once you get on the "vehicle" of the Black Page Base, the first thing you have to face is losing consciousness. What will happen after losing consciousness? No one will know. A total of four people entered the "Black Page Base" this time. Lu Xuan himself, Li Wei, Xie Juan and Li 15. After careful consideration, Lu Xuan decided to take Li 15 with him. He did not tell Li 15 the reason, but let her follow him somewhere. Although Li 15 was originally sent by Lu Xuan's grandfather Li Hu to protect Lu Xuan, Li Hu's previous contact with Li Min had made it clear that although Li 15 came from the Li family, he now came to follow Lu Xuan. Is equal to Lu Xuan's own control of the people, that Lu Xuan all the orders for Li 15, the level is the highest priority. And Lu Xuan is not at ease, after leaving Li 1. Mother Li Min followed the trail and began to trace his whereabouts from Li 15, which affected the general's rescue plan. Young master, they are coming. Li 15 gently came behind Lu Xuan and reminded Lu Xuan in a low voice. In his mind, Lu Xuan, who was constantly sorting out the "trip to the black page base",faux grass wall, was called back to reality by the voice of Li 15. Lu Xuancai found that the wind was not small on the roof of the castle. The flow of air is increasing. A black light helicopter slowly descended from the sky. This small "light wing" helicopter, which is not a rare thing, can be ordered by major aircraft companies. But when the cabin door of the "light wing" helicopter was opened. Lu Xuan, who had always had a good eye, soon discovered that the helicopter only used the shell of the "light wing". In fact, it has undergone a thorough transformation. The cost of transformation is at least a hundred times the price of the original machine, and it is indeed the handwriting of the Black Page Company. Thank you for waiting for a long time. The boarding time is three minutes. After three minutes, those who fail to board the plane will lose the transport qualification. A young woman wearing a black mask and a gray dress, still with a concave and convex figure, came down from the helicopter. Came over to meet the crowd. The crowd was urged by this "slightly mechanical female voice". Quickly boarded the small "light wing". After boarding the "wing of light", everyone found out. In the whole helicopter, there was only one masked woman, artificial coconut palm trees ,silk olive tree, who sat back in the pilot's seat and immediately opened the miniature "microphone" around her mouth. When you are seated, please complete the first step of the flight and fasten your seat belts immediately. Lu Xuan found that the "seat belt" at both ends of the seat was obviously modified, ordinary flight, that is, a seat belt, in this light wing, a seat actually has three "seat belts". One to girdle the waist and two to cross the chest and abdomen. Obviously, when it is fastened, the driver can control it by computer at any time, so that the person in the seat loses his mobility and can not move. The cabin door is completely closed. Please press the red button on the left armrest of your seat as soon as you are sure that your seat belts are fastened. "Brush.." Everyone's head on the ground wall, all opened, a black breathing mask, slowly lowered from above, hanging in front of everyone's eyes. Please put on the respirator and keep breathing normally. After 30 seconds, the respirator will provide you with harmless air, which will make you fall asleep soundly. "Please don't try to hold your breath or use other methods to keep awake. Our random computer will monitor your mental state. If you don't cooperate, you will be disqualified immediately.".
” Lu Xuan, who was not prepared to enter the "black page secret base" to play any means, calmly picked up the black "breathing place" and attached it to his mouth and nose. A slightly cool gas, immediately from the "breathing mask" sent over, light, without any special taste, Lu Xuan also did not have any discomfort, only feel heavy eyelids, eyes closed, fell asleep in the dark in the past. I don't know how long it took, but a gentle and sweet female voice and a strong light woke Lu Xuan up from his deep sleep. Welcome to the Black Page Base. This flight is H7860993. The Ministry of Transport is honored to provide this service for you. See you next time. Lu Xuan, who opened his eyes, found that the place he was in was completely different from before he lost consciousness. The small light-winged "helicopter" has become a light-powered "wave bird" airliner that can accommodate hundreds of people. There were at least forty passengers in the spacious and bright cabin. However, at least 30 of them, all dressed in suits, were regular staff members of the Black Page Base. It seems that along the way, as the masked uniform woman said, they lost consciousness, should have changed their means of transportation several times, and finally boarded the "Light Wave Bird" passenger plane and entered the Black Page Base. The environment in the cabin is not the focus of Lu Xuan's concern. So after a quick glance inside the cabin, Lu Xuan's eyes looked through the glass window on the wall of the plane to observe the environment outside the plane. Snow, white flying snow. Blowing around with the wind. As far as the eye could see, it was all silvery white. After waiting for Lu Xuan and the guests in the cabin to get off the plane together, they could fully see the surrounding scenery,Faux cherry blossom tree, and the place where they landed turned out to be the top of a big snow mountain. Looking around along the towering snow-capped mountains, there are mountains covered with ice and snow. Lu, I didn't expect that the secret base of the Black Page was hidden on the top of the Great Snow Mountain somewhere. 。
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