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The Immortal Life of Family Fetishism (21st Nov 22 at 1:52am UTC)
When Xiaozhi saw that the little Kirin had been taken away, she held the pony in her arms and did not know what to do. Liu Cheng held Xiaozhi in her hand and comforted her softly: "The axe is very powerful. Xiaozhi will be all right.". Uncle Lung, am I right? "Not only will it be all right, but it will be a blessing in disguise." Uncle Long smiled and knocked on Liu Orange's forehead. It's rare for you to be so attentive to a little guy, and the axe naturally wants to satisfy your wishes. Call a girl of the same clan as Rouzhi, let her take Xiaozhi to the Dragon Palace to rest and wait for Xiaoqilin by the way, and then look at Liu Orange's eyes twinkling. Uncle Long, do you want to tell me something? Liu Cheng climbed to the stone and sat down, looking at the old dragon. Girl, you have been very sensible, but in the end is still a child, not everyone can be sincere to you, so, no matter who, have to be wary. Laolong's solemn face was very dignified, and he was worthy of being the Emperor of Heaven. Liu Orange slanted her head, curled her braids on her chest with her fingers, and said, "Is Uncle Long saying that I am too simple?" "Spooky." The old dragon scraped the orange nose angrily and said, "Where are you going today?"? You came back with the curse of the Dragon Clan and the resentment of being entangled. Can't you feel it yourself? Liu Cheng grabbed the old dragon's big hand and played with his fingers. He pouted, "I'm on guard, but the difference is too much,spill plastic pallet, so it's useless. Anyway, Uncle Long or Ling Axe won't let me have anything to do. I'm not afraid." "He is so bold that he is not afraid of losing his life." The old dragon felt on the head of the orange, and when he withdrew his hand, he held a blue smoke in the palm of his hand, and then five fingers tightened, and flames came out of his palm to burn the fog. I knew Uncle Long was the best! Liu Cheng looked at the old dragon acting like a spoiled child and asked, "Uncle Long used to be the Emperor of Heaven. Why are you here? Did you do something wrong and be driven out of office?" Come to think of it, did you break into the ice melting cave? That's right. Which dragon would dare to curse you except there? The old dragon said thoughtfully,plastic pallet manufacturer, "The girl has a special constitution, which is good or bad. If she is used as a bridge for smuggling, there will be a disaster.". But the girl is right. Your uncle Long did something wrong and was thrown out of office. What did you do wrong? Is it the same as the ungrateful person in the book, who abandoned his wife and son at the beginning of chaos. But Uncle Long doesn't look like a bad guy. Liu Cheng tilted his head and looked at the old dragon innocently. Children, don't guess. It's your Uncle Long who has been abandoned. The old dragon's eyes darkened and looked into the distance with indescribable emotions. For a long time, Liu Cheng took out the jade slips stored on the wall of the cave and handed them to Lao Long, asking him to teach himself to recognize these ancient divine texts. Who would have thought that as soon as the old dragon's face changed, he looked a little ferocious, his teeth were rattling, and his eyes were staring like killing people. She gritted her teeth and said bitterly, "That woman really shouldn't have been appeased. She has harmed my dragon clan so much, but she still dares to say such a thing. The spirit axe is too soft-hearted. According to the law of my dragon clan, she should be given the punishment of cutting the dragon and then pressed on the platform of cutting the dragon." Liu Cheng hid the thoughtfulness in his eyes, pushed the old dragon, and motioned him to explain. Holding back the impulse to crush the jade slips, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic trash bins, Laolong threw the jade slips back to Liu Cheng and gasped: "Those are not good words. If you want to know, you have to go to the study to check it yourself. Don't think you can hear it from my mouth, and don't take it to trouble the axe, so as not to make him sad. Over the years, because of you, his heart has finally let go a little.." Liu Cheng nodded cleverly, "Uncle Long, don't be angry. I believe in Uncle Long and Ling Axe more than that mother-in-law. However, can Uncle Long tell me the story of the past?"? There is no news about the magic space in the study. If I am cheated by others next time, I can't even tell the true from the false. It's so humiliating. "You are still too young. What you should do is to practice hard. Let's talk about those things when you are an adult." The old dragon patted Liu Orange on the head, turned away, turned into a blue dragon and went to the Dragon Palace. Can't you say? Liu Orange raised his lips, his eyes flashed a firm light, got up and went to the pile of wood, laid out the architectural drawings, and began to plan. Even if I don't say it, I can find it by myself. There are many relics and hidden places in the fantasy space. It's very useful to ban useless constitutions.
” 006 Go back to build a new home A year later, the wood piled up in Cuiyunping finally turned into a small wooden house. Although it was rough in appearance, it had all the internal organs. Two living rooms, a living room, a study, a kitchen, and a small garden had already taken shape as a home. Liu Orange wiped the sweat that did not exist on his forehead and looked at the wooden house with a happy smile. Although knowing these is superfluous to the axe, but under her subtle influence, one day, he will adapt to it. Turning to look at the axe standing on the top of the prominent cliff, Liu Orange told himself optimistically. Purr The little beast beside her pushed her body. Liu Orange came to her senses and stood on tiptoe to touch the head of the little beast. "Is Xiao Qi hungry?"? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the Kirin Prince who helped a lot. Let's go to the kitchen. Lingfu doesn't like to eat. How about letting you eat all of his share? Elk body, oxtail, horseshoe, fish scale skin, there is a corner of the silver unicorn, although a little taller than her, but it is really a small unicorn that was only one foot high in those days. Since it was cured by the axe, it has been following the orange. Its stomach seems to have become a steel stomach. It dares to eat anything, but its body has grown up like a balloon, almost 1.5 meters high. And the strength is very big, the speed is very quick, is the very good partner to the Liu orange. Orange grew up day by day, it seems that there is endless energy, practice without urging is also very hard, but there is always time to work hard to do what she thinks she can do. 'Warm House 'has more and more complete tables, chairs and benches, which have become simple and delicate from the initial crooked legs and lame feet. Liu Cheng has not forgotten about the secret investigation. Relying on his special constitution, he likes to explore all the strange places, and he knows a lot about them so far. There are many relics to go, which also confirms the fact that the magic space is a cage, but at first only one person is locked up. The age of being trapped can not be studied,plastic pallet box, at least several hundred thousand years. I recognized him as my father at first sight, and it hurts to think that he has been trapped here all the time. Be doubly good to him and make his belief in happiness deeper. Ever since she knew that the clothes of the'people 'here were all illusory or made of metal, Liu Orange thought about what she should do next.
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