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A generation of military advisers (17th Nov 22 at 1:21am UTC)
"Louchuan Night Snow Guazhou Crossing, Iron Horse Autumn Wind Da Sanguan", Sanguan is one of the four famous passes in Guanzhong, which has been the throat of Qin and Shu since ancient times. It starts from Longshou in the east and ends in the south in the west. It is high and dangerous. Before the death of Shu, it was Dayong's fortress to block Shu. Although since Yangping Pass and Mengguan Pass fell into Dayong's hands, the status of Sanguan has been reduced a lot. However, Dayong still had enough troops stationed in Sanguan, and Li yuan and Li Zhi were on guard at the beginning, so King Qing could not intervene in Sanguan at all. The general who guarded Sanguan was Li Zongxun, who was also the son of the Li royal family, but his blood was remote. He was good at guarding the city, and his loyalty was no problem, so he was chosen to guard Sanguan. And Xiahou yuanfeng also came to the loose pass many days ago, presided over the spy in Shu, he brought SiWen Cao southwest county division and MingJian division of the people, arrange to sneak into the matter of Dongchuan, but Dongchuan is almost water splashed into, Xiahou yuanfeng don't know this is the result of brocade alliance secretly assist king Qing, king Qing's ability is a high look, more distressed in the heart. So in XH yuanFeng that Qiu Shan see, is almost stunned, thought had died subordinates to show themselves again, this thing is enough to make him shocked, and this time by XH yuanFeng to help his Hua Ling is a pretty good idea, although in recent years he no longer have the opportunity to contact Jiang Zhe forces, but some things can still know, brocade alliance secretly controlled by Jiang Zhe,30ml dropper bottle, He knew about it, so Qiu Shan suddenly survived, and he soon thought of the possible reason. Xiahou yuanfeng thought carefully, see the corners of his mouth showing a smile, immediately remembered what Li faintly said, in the heart a wide, ordered Qiu Shan to recruit recently. ~ Chapter 9 High Mountains and Flowing Water ~ In the early spring, Jinghai Villa is quiet and deep. Outside the Tingtao Pavilion, the blue sea is full of tides, and the huge waves are empty. They hit the rocks again and again,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, splashing like broken jade and snow. The spring tide in the East China Sea is magnificent. It was early in the morning, and the servants in the village had already started their busy day. And at this moment, listen to the Tao Pavilion suddenly heard the exciting sound of the harp, the sound of the harp was like a tide, exciting and continuous, all the people in the village could not help but stand and listen attentively to the touching sound. In a trance, it seemed that the magnificent tide had crossed the cliff and appeared in front of them. At the end of the song, the servants were amazed and began to be busy again. In a pavilion at the top of Jinghai Villa, an old man with white hair like frost put down his book and focused his eyes on the Tingtao Pavilion in the distance. The old man was over seventy years old, but he was a young man with crane hair and a cold and indifferent expression. He was the sage of medicine. Then a clear and melodious voice came from outside the door, saying, "Shizu, Qingyan has come to pay his respects to you." Sang Chen was originally from Penglai in the East China Sea, and after he returned home to live in seclusion, Jiang Zhe specially sent someone to build Jinghai Villa to take Sang Chen here for retirement. Although Sang Chen was indifferent, he treated Jiang Zhe like a grandson, so he lived here without objection. After Jiang Zhe succeeded in helping King Yong to seize the throne, he came to Jinghai Villa. Sang Chen spent countless thoughts to take good care of Jiang Zhe's body. Over the years, the family was happy. Sang Chen was also very fond of Rou Lan and Shen Er, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Amber Dropper Bottles, but a little less indifferent and a little more tender. Jinghai villa picturesque, Sangchen also intends to retire here, even if Jiang Zhe husband and wife have left, Sangchen also still live here, but the knee Cheng Huan for Jiang Haitao, more smoke. The poison on Yue Qingyan's body had been removed by Sang Chen. Although she still had to be treated with medicine in a few years, her life was fine. Moreover, although Yue Qingyan was a woman, she was talented and insightful in medicine. Sang Chen was very satisfied with her beauty and talent, and left her in the villa to pass on her medical skills. Jiang Haitao in addition to take care of official business, also live in Jinghai Villa, who let him and Yue Qingyan husband and wife harmony, can not bear to separate. So Jinghai Villa is still very lively, without any loneliness.
Hearing the voice of Yue Qingyan, Sangchen smiled and said, "Come in. Why didn't Haitao come over? Didn't he come back yesterday?" Yueqingyan came into the room with two maids and made a big gift respectfully. For months, Yueqingyan's skin was still like frost and snow, but the difference was that her cheeks were a little more bloody, which made her look more beautiful and vulgar. Hearing Sang Chen's question, she said with a smile, "Shizu, Haitao also wants to pay his respects to you, but the messenger has arrived just now. Haitao needs to be received, so I'm afraid it will take a while for him to come." Sang Chen nodded and said, "Who is the one who plays the lute? He is good at it." Yue Qingyan said, "Qingyan heard from Xianggong that he was Qiu Yufei, an emissary of the Northern Han Dynasty, and a direct disciple of the Beijing suzerain of the Demon Sect. His father-in-law had handed everything over to Xianggong, so Xianggong sent someone to bring him here." Sang Chen gently frowned, Demon Sect, Qiu Yufei, his heart rippled, it was a strange and familiar name, sixty years ago, he Sang Chen was also a candidate for the suzerain of the Demon Gate Star Sect, but he was not interested in it, and finally lost the chance to inherit the suzerain of the Star Sect because of his status as a medical saint. But Sangchen never regretted, he is not an eventful person, although the poison on his body has long been his, but he never thought of revealing this secret, Xingzong became a distant memory in his memory, until the appearance of Dong Que. As soon as he saw Dong Que, Sang Chen knew that this man must be a disciple of the Star Sect. He had hinted that there was something mysterious about the identity of Jiang Zhe and Dong Que. But Jiang Zhe just said with a smile, "Dong Que has some secrets in his heart. I know that. But as long as he is loyal to me, I don't want to ask about his private affairs." Sang Chen also no longer ask after hearing, anyway, in his view, Dong Que no malice, but is looking for a place to live, but in order to just in case, he still called the little straight son, will be some of his own understanding of the unique learning to him, so that if the future of the star and Jiang Zhe had a conflict, the little straight son enough to deal with the star master, he will not have to worry about the safety of Jiang Zhe, However, from the point of view of the purpose of Xingzong, he did not believe that Xingzong would oppose Jiang Zhe. As for himself, his martial arts had already gone beyond the scope of the Demon Sect,Serum Bottle With Dropper, so he was not worried about Dong Que discovering his identity. What's more, even if he knew, what could he do.
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