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Less stress - Posted By Jazzy (jazzy) on 19th Mar 19 at 11:22am
How do you cope with stress guys? My life drives me crazy now and I can't stand anymore. I am just too tired and stressed out and I don't know what I can do about it.

Re: Less stress - Posted By JoWee (jowee) on 20th Mar 19 at 9:18am
Just relax, dude. We all have such periods of time when we are tired and exhausted. The saddest thing is that we can do nothing about it. I try to help myself with reading greenshoppers and finding out what's with me

Re: Less stress - Posted By elijah55 (elijah) on 19th Sep 19 at 8:11am
great post

Re: Less stress - Posted By GaneTH (ganeth) on 18th Oct 19 at 9:40am
Sometimes stress overtakes us at the most inopportune moment. This can be avoided if you start to treat yourself more carefully. Regular shopping saves me from autumn depression. I went shopping last week and bought a few pairs of socks for friend. It seemed interesting to me as a gift for Halloween)) These little things help me control my feelings. Don't avoid your friends. It is your anchor in a world without depression.

Re: Less stress - Posted By Alisia (alisia) on 26th Nov 19 at 12:50pm
Hi! When I'm stressed, I need relaxation, I turn on music, countdown timer and dance for some time. The mood rises and feelings of relaxation come immediately.

Re: Less stress - Posted By KirillForbs (kirillforbs) on 26th Nov 19 at 1:58pm
I eat sweets

Re: Less stress - Posted By Amina (amina) on 26th Nov 19 at 2:18pm
When I have stress I watch comedy