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Harvest time. - Posted By JoWee (jowee) on 1st May 20 at 10:40am
Do any of you grow cannabis? I want to talk about the time of the cannabis harvest. How to harvest correctly and at what time. Somewhere I read the opinion that each strain of cannabis has a certain harvest period. Am I right?

Re: Harvest time. - Posted By Jazzy (jazzy) on 1st May 20 at 11:46am
You are absolutely right. The cannabis harvest depends on the weed variety and it is very important not to miss this moment, otherwise your weed will lose all its good properties. For more information about right time to harvest cannabis, see the article on the marijuanabreak website. Follow the recommendations and you will be able to grow and collect the best quality weed.

Re: Harvest time. - Posted By Jenerry (jennaerry) on 20th Jun 20 at 4:13am
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